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Lumina Eye Vitamins

Lumina eyes vitamin able to enhance user vision by providing essentials nutrients to fight off damaging free radical, ultraviolet damage, increase eyesight, and lower the risk of AMD.


Herbal complex specifically formulated for a better immune system. It contains 100 % natural botanical extracts that help to improve your body’s natural defense system and protect you from harmful bacteria. By restoring key nutrients to your body, I-mmuplus keeps your immune system in tip-top condition, giving you a strong and healthy body.

Hoikka Shake

Dieting and exercise are great ways to help your body lose weight. But sometimes, it's just not enough or you also need a little help. By consuming Hoikka Shake, it helps in speeding up metabolism and building up muscle mass to prevent flabby skin. Meanwhile also helps in weight control. Let's burn those extra pounds.

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Our team is constantly expanding over the years. We consist of a valuable team that constantly strives to change the life of others and at the same time contribute to society. As the majority of our team is very experienced with product knowledge, we always ensure that all of our customers are satisfied with the services provided. We are very optimistic about helping you to transform your life into a healthier lifestyle. You can rest assured and leave all your worries to us!

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